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marcel dreux accordinas

Accordina A04

Accordina A04 was premiered in 2004, as the name suggests. It succeeded the 2000 series which was a true copy of the Borel model, but with a synthetic material base and neoprene gaskets to avoid problems linked to condensation.

The A04 accordina has taken many parts from its predecessor including stainless steel reeds, axes and knobs. The reeds are glued to a bed of beeswax. They are perfectly blocked over the entire surface of the frame without constraint linked to tightening by screws. Contact with the base is better, which is what gives the A04 this special sound.

The bed base is made of synthetic material, I chose it for its compactness, its regularity of manufacture, and above all because the sound it generates is, of all the materials tested, the one that I preferred.


Accordina A04

Accordina Borel 60s

Accordina A04 Marcel Dreux

Accordina Marcel Dreux 2000 Series


This bare base is the basis of the A04 Series. We can choose to dress it in different ways for a personalized aesthetic and sound.

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