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Dear Marcel

The accordina is superb. I played it in the Sainte Reparate cathedral in Nice.
Without sound it is very powerful and very musical. Adopted (the old Borel stays at home).

Well done and thank you

Good night. Richard


Good evening Marcel

It's been 1 month now that I have my accordina bought at the Breast Box music store in Couëron.

Basic accordionist, I am discovering this instrument and I must say that I take a new pleasure, from its warm sound and its incredible expressiveness.

Thank you Marcel for bringing this instrument back to life!

I will try to be one of the representatives of this astonishing instrument in the Pays de la Loire region.

Thanks again

See you soon

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Dear Mr. Dreux

After testing all the mouthpieces, I decided on the Borel.

I therefore send you the other two, thanking you very much for allowing me to make this test.

Once again, I wanted to express my immense satisfaction to you. It is the instrument of my dreams !!!! It combines everything I love, wind instrument, accordion keys, and that inimitable sound.

Thank you so much,

Francois Stricher

Hi Marcel,

I recorded a song with my accordina. It is a very good instrument! I switched from piano accordion to chromatic accordion two months ago, so I'm still a beginner.

Have a nice week end,

Jonathan Hong Kong


Hello Marcel,

The accordina arrived! It is simply great, I am very happy with it. I like the sound and it is easy to play. Also it is nice to have new aspects in making sound with your breathing, very interesting!

Thank You for all the good work and have a nice winter time.

Best regards, Pasi from Finland. 2019/11/24

marcel dreux accordinas


A Santa Claus disguised as a postwoman gave me a package containing a magnificent accordina! Everything is perfect, all that remains is to tame the "musician" ... The mission has already started.
Thank you very much for the little extras, they were greatly appreciated. Christmas will be musical, and too bad for climate change, it should only be local and temporary!
Happy New Year.


Marc N. 17/12/2019

On August 6, 2020 at 10:26 am, B runo Besseyrias wrote:

Hello Marcel,

I am sending you the registration request for my new accordina.

It was a real pleasure to take it out of its case. I took my first steps, as soon as I arrived home (1h30 journey later L).

It is a magnificent instrument.

Thank you for everything.

Cdlt, Bruno

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Dear Marcel Dreux

I received the accordina well, and ... went on vacation the next day (without it!). I will now return the warranty documents to you.

I wanted to thank you, because with the help of Brio Picard (thank you to them for their kindness and patience) you were able to meet my expectations perfectly.

This accordina, Galliano model modified in its range (from G # to A) is what I expected: a full sound, very warm with roundness, without excessive air consumption and with a beautiful dynamic.

I am amazed by this success. The bend, the flaps for the vibrato, the Borel mouthpiece, a perfect finish, the reduced weight ...

A big thank you for your work, listening and professionalism

Looking forward to seeing you again

Yours truly

Frédéric FORET 08/26/20

Conductor (Accordion, Bandoneon, Keyboard, Accordina, Vocals, Barrel Organ)
Accompanist and solo accordionist of the soundtrack of the film "La Môme"

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Hello Marcel,

I played my carbon accordina today for the first time. The sound is fantastic.
I will have a lot of fun exploring the new sound. Thank you very much.
Also, thank you for the 20th anniversary shirt and the masks.

Best, Jim Florida

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I played my carbon accordina today for the first time. The sound is fantastic. I will have a lot of fun exploring the new sound. Thank you so much. Also, thank you for the 20th anniversary T-shirt and masks.

Best, Jim Florida

Dear Sir,
Yesterday I had my first accordina lesson with Mr Beier.
I sincerely want to thank you for your intervention because I could never have hoped to be trained by such a virtuoso.
It remains now that the road is long, but with perseverance I can hope for decent results. I'm getting down to it!
The accordina is truly an instrument apart!
Sincerely, Thank you,
Patrick, Paris

Midi Libre.jpeg


The accordina has arrived. Thank you for your welcome, for the quality of your work, the very short deadlines and for the gifts included with the shipment. I am sure I will enjoy it.
I wish you a great weekend.


Bernard 02/27/21


Bonjour Monsieur Dreux !

Je viens de vous poster en retour le bec que je n'ai pas retenu, à savoir le Romanelli.

Je conserve donc le Nicolas long. Merci de m'avoir permis de faire cet essai. Ainsi, je n'ai pas de regrets.

Mon accordina me plait beaucoup, c'est un instrument hors du commun, très attachant...

Très bonne journée.

Bien cordialement.


                Philippe  P.                3 mai 2022

Bonsoir Monsieur,
J'ai bien reçu l'accordina aujourd'hui. Il est magnifique ! Je suis très satisfaite.
Je ne regrette pas d'être passée chez vous, c'était important de pouvoir comparer les différents modèles et tester les différents becs.

Merci pour l'album, j'ai apprécié le geste et l'ai écouté avec plaisir. 
Bien cordialement et bonne continuation.

          Marie Claire R. 17 novembre 2022

En-tête 1

Bonjour Mr Dreux

L'accordina est bien arrivé, il est très beau et il sonne d'enfer, c'est très puissant, je suis très très ravie !

Merci pour tout

Au plaisir de vous croiser

Sonia. 11 mai 2023

Bonsoir Marcel.
J’ai bien reçu l’accordina. Il est magnifique. Je reviens vers vous d’ici quelques jours, après avoir eu le temps de le jouer. Je vous remercie pour le colis bien protégé, avec les CDs, ainsi que le T-shirt.
Pour tout cela, et pour votre gentillesse. Encore un très grand merci. 
Merci aussi de participer très activement au renouveau de ce magnifique instrument encore trop méconnu.
Bien amicalement,

Pierre-Yves  27 juillet 2023

(J'utilise google translate ici, il est donc possible que quelque chose soit un peu étrange... )
Je voudrais confirmer que je souhaite acheter un instrument chez vous comme nous l'avons convenu lors de notre rencontre d'hier.
Je veux aussi dire que j'ai trouvé très agréable et intéressant de voir vos instruments et comment vous les fabriquez. Je m'intéresse aux choses techniques, aux machines, aux instruments de mesure ainsi qu'aux instruments de musique, etc. et tout s'améliore quand on les comprend le mieux.

Comment et qui les fabrique en fait partie. C'est un privilège de rencontrer le personne qui fabrique votre instrument et d'entendre ce qu'il pense ! C'était aussi très agréable de discuter avec vous.

Jens Norvège 27 juin 2023

Bonjour monsieur Dreux ,
Accordina remis en état par vos soins bien reçu ce jour.
Il fonctionne parfaitement , merci .
Cordialement , Daniel L     France  31 janvier 2024

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